Canadian Racers took on the world

Local racer Mark Wilkins celebrates his Daytona win.

By John Bondar, Special to - The sports car racing season kicked off on January 23-26 at the historic Daytona International Speedway and featured the Continental SportsCar Challenge, United SportsCar Championship and Ferrari Challenge. The event is unique in that there is a total of 28 hours of racing. The highlight of course is the annual Rolex 24 (United SportsCar) which attracts drivers from around the world. Having said … [Read more...]

Give credit to the ‘Fox body’ Mustang

This 1987 Cobra R is a fine specimen from Mustang's third generation.

by Paul Endlicher, Special to - Re: Drop top Mustang turns plenty of heads Your perspective and commentary on the latest (well, not counting the just announced 2015’s) S197 series about their build quality and obvious move upscale when compared to the previous SN95 (1994-2004) and Fox platforms (1979-93) is bang on the money. I have rented a half dozen of these newer cars, including a Shelby convertible, and find them to be … [Read more...]

Brand loyalty built on consumer confidence

Burlington Ontario resident Pat Meister poses with his 2012 Honda Civic, his third consecutive Honda vehicle, making him a good example of brand loyalty. - photo Marion Meister.

Jason Okolisan, Special to - I was reminded of the importance of brand loyalty by my father-in-law who recently took delivery of his third Honda vehicle. Burlington Ontario resident, Pat Meister is now the happy owner of a 2012 Honda Civic. Prior to that, Pat owned an Accord, a CR-V and mostly GM vehicles before switching to Honda. Pat said that he became loyal to Honda because they are "reliable and well-made cars" which … [Read more...]

Driving is a privilege? Give it a rest.

NOTC Neil Said

by Neil Moore, Metroland Media/ - I’ll bet you’re tired of this old chestnut: “Driving is a privilege, not a right.” Usually delivered with the wag of a finger, often from one of those gray-bearded, tweed jacket-wearing curmudgeons who carp about anyone who drives with even a whiff of enthusiasm, this nugget of wisdom is not entirely true. The real privilege lies with those companies and public sector agencies who are in … [Read more...]

Auto industry growth not shared in other sectors

Michael Hatch, CADA

By Michael Hatch, Special to - So far 2013 has been characterized in the car industry in Canada as one of impressive growth: we’re well on pace for record new car sales in Canada this year, growing at a steady pace over last year’s numbers. Affordability remains strong and consumers are taking advantage of the strongest product choice in the industry’s history. Though cut-throat competition makes life hard for manufacturers … [Read more...]

Speed traps are just a cash grab

NOTC Neil Said

By Neil Moore, Metroland Media/ - Speed traps were a hot topic on Toronto talk radio, and it took a spokesman from the U.S.-based National Motorists Association to tell us that Ontario’s are the worst in North America. He continued, with a few well-considered points, to argue that speed traps are nothing but a cash grab and have little to do with safety. I couldn’t agree more. For example, if speed traps are truly … [Read more...]

No need to fix problem that doesn’t exist

Michael Hatch, CADA

By Michael Hatch, Special to - When consumers go shopping for a new car, there are lots of factors that play in the final purchase decision. What model suits my or my family’s needs? What can I afford? Increasingly, consumers are asking themselves which vehicle will go farthest on a tank of fuel. Other than price, fuel efficiency is now the most important variable in most consumers’ vehicle purchase decisions. And more and more … [Read more...]

The auto industry’s strut has returned

Michael Hatch, CADA

By Michael Hatch, Special to - I’ve just returned from the Toronto International Auto Show, Canada’s biggest annual showcase of the automotive industry and the exciting and innovative products it brings to market every year. Toronto is one of the biggest events in the annual mid-winter lineup of car shows across North America. This year’s slate of shows will showcase an industry thriving with new and innovative products. … [Read more...]

Safety reigns supreme at this year’s AutoShow

Leo Nucci behind the wheel of a 2013 Accord.

By Leo Nucci, Special to - It’s an exciting time in the automotive industry and nowhere is this more evident than at this year’s Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) held Feb. 15- 24 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The list of helpful technologies presented in new vehicles at the auto show is plentiful. I would like to touch upon a few of these features from an automotive service technician’s perspective. With every … [Read more...]

2012 a good year for auto industry

Michael Hatch, CADA

by Michael Hatch, Special to - With all manufacturers reporting final new vehicle sales for 2012, the results are in. Last year was a very good one for the retail automotive market in Canada, and new car demand came tantalizingly close to the all-time record set in 2002. Overall, sales were up a very strong 5.7 per cent in 2012 over the previous year, and every province and territory in the country posted positive sales growth. … [Read more...]