CIAS Media Day 2014 highlights

One of my favourite sports cars is the Audi R8. The R8 Spyder was unlocked for me to sit in on media day however it will likely be locked to general public. Most $100K plus cars on the show floor are locked during the public show.

By Jason Okolisan, Special to - The Canadian International Auto Show media day has long been my favourite photo assignment. I've gone to media day for the past eight years and feel privileged to experience the auto maker unveilings live as they happen and be part of the electric atmosphere. Media day is the day before the show opens to the public. There is so much to see at Canada's premier auto show which has grown and … [Read more...]

Canada’s car show season starts in Montreal

Mitsubishi is testing Canadians on their opinion of the Mirage G4 sub-compact. It was unveiled at the Montreal Auto Show by company president and CEO, Kenichiro “Kenny” Yamamoto who said public input will be a deciding factor if the car will be sold here.

By Jim Robinson, Metroland Media - MONTREAL: The 2014 Salon International de l’auto de Montreal is not only the first Canadian car show of the year, but also gives show goers a good idea of what they will see in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and other centres. The Montreal Auto Show ends January 26. Because the Montreal always happens during the same time as Detroit, Canada’s automakers have to scramble to display something new … [Read more...]

Chevrolet was big news in Motor City

GM North America president, Mark Reuss, is shown presenting the 2015 Corvette Z06 at the North American International Auto Show. It features a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 engine with more than 625 hp and 635 lb/ft of torque. It is considered the most powerful and track-capable Corvette ever built.

Story and photos by Jim Robinson, Metroland Media - DETROIT: Chevrolet ruled the Domestic Three roost at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It started with the rollout of the 2015 Corvette Z06, the most powerful Corvette ever produced for the street. Chevrolet says the Z06 is a true supercar with performance similar to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Wearing “Corvette Racing Yellow” paint, the Z06 looks meaner … [Read more...]

Japanese automakers focus on performance

The curvaceous styling of Toyota’s FT-1 Concept turned plenty of heads in Detroit.

Story and photos by Neil Moore, Metroland Media - DETROIT: Like Toronto, the auto show in Detroit kicks off with its own Car of the Year awards. There are only two categories – ‘Car’ and ‘Truck/Utility’ – with six finalists. And while it was announced that this year’s lineup was a diverse offering of vehicles (three of six were Chevies!), the true diversity was to be found on the show floor of Cobo Hall, where the array of manufacturers … [Read more...]

Kia, Hyundai turn heads with new models

Although there are currently no plans to put the GT4 Stinger into production, it hints at the possibility that Kia may someday bring a rear-drive, 2+2 sportscar to the market – one built for the enthusiast.

By Neil Moore, Metroland Media - DETROIT: Motown has hosted an auto show for more than a century, and although it is now the North American International Auto Show, many still refer to it by its city of origin. Yet despite this being Motor City, where so many are emotionally, if not financially, tied to the Big Three domestic automakers, there’s still plenty of buzz about the imports. And this includes, in no small way, the Korean … [Read more...]

Europeans stage major reveals in Motown

The world premiere of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class was held at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The new C-Class will be built in the U.S. and arrives here in the fall.

Story and photos by Jim Robinson, Metroland Media - DETROIT: European manufacturers hosted several world and North American premieres at this year’s auto show in Detroit. None perhaps was more significant than the unveiling of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. In terms of worldwide sales, the C-Class is arguably the most important vehicle the brand produces. Normally a reveal of this magnitude would be held at the Frankfurt or Geneva … [Read more...]

Michigan Heritage Centre boasts everything GM

The 1938 Buick Y-Job was designed by chief stylist Harley J Earl, and was the first concept car as we know them today. It still starts and drives.

Story and photos by Jim Robinson, Metroland Media - A welcome diversion during the hectic pace of this year’s auto show in Detroit was the GM Canada president’s dinner held in the GM Heritage Centre in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Covering 80,000 sq ft, it showcases up to 150 of the more than 400 cars, trucks and experimental vehicles produced by General Motors from the beginning. In one corner you can see the Buick Y-Job of 1938, … [Read more...]

Auto appraisals for custom rides?

: Putting a modern Corvette engine in a classic car like this Datsun 240Z is an example of a significant modification which should be documented with an auto appraisal for the sake of establishing insurance value. Photo by Jason Okolisan.

by Jason Okolisan, Special to - A topic of discussion that often comes up in the hobby car scene is appraisals - do you need one and what are they all about? The purpose of an appraisal is to document the condition and details of a vehicle at a particular point in time. This documentation is primarily for insurance purposes in case the car is damaged or stolen, resulting in a claim. Newer vehicles that are mostly … [Read more...]

Is classic car insurance right for you?

Hobby car owners can save on insurance premiums with a classic car policy.

by Jason Okolisan Special to - Most folks in the hobby car scene are on a budget for building, maintaining and operating their secondary "pleasure" vehicle. As such, they join a car club or web forum to network, share ideas, technical knowledge and look for ways to enjoy their hobby cars without breaking the bank. One area that a hobby car owner can look to save on the cost of operation is through classic car insurance. For … [Read more...]

Civic’s refreshed look welcomed

For this year, Honda revised the look of its Civic sedan with a less busy and more aggressive front end that gives the new model the appearance of being lower and wider.

by Jason Okolisan, Special to - Neil Moore's review of the 2013 Honda Civic Si gives me a different perspective on the sport tuned version of Honda's popular Civic. I always thought of the Si as a poor man's sports car or a tuner boy toy. I've seen very few over the age of say 35 driving a Civic Si, and that's fine – it has its place in the hearts of our youth. The beauty of the Civic and specifically the Si is that a used … [Read more...]