Make sure you buy the correct exhaust or muffler

If your vehicle has been making sounds like a throaty, annoying heavy duty truck, causing people to turn their heads in your direction as you drive by, chances are, your vehicle is likely a candidate for a new exhaust system or the very least, a muffler.

Unless you are throwing caution to the wind, this is not a case of going big or going home. The engineers of your car knew what they were doing when they designed and built it. Many owners make a mistake when they upgrade their exhaust system by purchasing exhaust pipes that are much larger than the factory set. With the exception of diesel trucks (which can sometimes benefit from really large pipe diameters), most vehicles leave the factory with the correct size exhaust pipes. The size of the pipe between the catalytic converter and the exhaust tip is what matters most.

Avoid penny pinching. The cheapest mufflers on the market are essentially straight pipes filled with cheap fibreglass sound deadening materials. While they may be just fine today, there’s a reason they are cheap. When these mufflers get hot (like on a long road trip), the fibreglass stuffing inside the muffler starts to melt. Eventually, the stuffing breaks free, becomes an obstruction and your cheap mufflers get plugged up and start robbing power from your ride. Invest in a muffler from a brand-name manufacturer – ask your service advisor at NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC. Generally, unless you are planning on taking your car to the track, stick with the factory exit configuration. Select a muffler made for your vehicle.

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