A new life on the open road?

Chris Mahony

By Chris Mahony,
Special to Wheelstalk.com –

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and the daily grind is an attractive proposition to many. And while the idea of selling your house and sailing around the world seems enticing, it’s most probably unrealistic and dangerous. There is however an increasing trend where people are selling their homes and getting into an RV to travel the country using their motorhome as their full time residence. This trend isn’t only being seen in the retiree demographic either. We are seeing families, young couples and groups of friends taking off for an unknown adventure where the country becomes their schoolyard.

Taking a chance and leaving your possessions behind to hit the open road can seem thrilling and daunting simultaneously. Some of the intriguing benefits of hitting the road are the unknown exploration and discovery of the places and people you may meet along the way. And in Canada, where our nation’s people are known for their kindness, helpfulness and commitment to community, you will be sure to meet some interesting characters.

We are seeing more and more people not waiting for retirement before they can explore the country and in an RV, you can truly do that at a moment’s notice with just a little planning.

My first suggestion would be to explore which RV is right for you. How long are you planning to be gone? How many people are you bringing? Do you want all the comforts of home? RVs range from the towable pop up trailers to a variety of motorized units and they come in all sorts of sizes. Explore some of the different options with your local dealer. They will be able to find the right fit for you.

Once you have picked your RV, start to map out your route. Will you be headed to a colder climate? That may mean you need a winterized unit. As far as destinations go, I always suggest making a list of your dream spots and starting your journey with the goal of reaching destination one.

Next thing is to plan your budget. Planning your budget in advance will help you map out how much money you are projecting you will need a long way while allowing for unexpected or emergency costs. If you are taking off for a long period of time, it’s important to have enough money. Determination and dreams can’t be the only thing keeping your trip going. It will end when you run out of money, so be prepared.

Last but not least, go out with the right attitude. Be flexible and have an open mind. Be prepared for the small glitches that will come along with any road trip but as long as you are relaxed, optimistic and hold onto that sense of adventure that got you started on your journey to begin with, all will be enjoyed.

Happy travels!

Chris Mahony is the Go RVing Canada Executive Director

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