GMPP Extended Warranty

Many people opt to purchase a new car because they like having a warranty to cover them and ensure that repairs will be taken care of. Most GM vehicles offer a 36 month or 60,000 km warranty. But if you want a longer warranty, it’s an option!

GM has protection plans available that will extend the length of time your vehicle will be covered. There are three plans available: Total ‘Plus’, Custom and Powertrain, all with varying levels of coverage. All three packages cover the engine, transmission/transaxle, front/rear wheel drive assembly and the fuel and engine cooling systems. The most comprehensive package also includes the front suspension, electrical, steering system, braking system components, high-tech features, accessories, interior and exterior, rear suspension, safety assemblies and roadside assistance.

The GM Protection Plans (GMPPs) are available on both new and used cars, but you must sign up at the same time you purchase the vehicle. It’s a great way to budget for repairs that all vehicles inevitably need.

The GMPP vehicle service contracts are the only products endorsed by General Motors. The plans have been protecting drivers and their vehicles for over 30 years and can help you drive worry free for years to come.

The trained and knowledgeable sales staff at Highland GM can go over each of the plans with you and explain the costs and benefits to each plan. Based on the amount you drive and the coverage you want, they can help you choose the perfect plan for your needs and budget.

To learn more about the GM Protection Plans, visit Highland GM at 15783 Yonge Street in Aurora or view their current inventory online at


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