Toyota Canada commemorating 75th anniversary

Toyota Motor Company


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It all began in November of 1938, when the Toyota Motor Company (TMC) commenced operations of its Koromo Plant in Japan. Over the coming decades the company would go on to redefine the automobile industry, with revolutionary vehicles and ambitious global expansion, including into Canada.

As TMC embarks on its next 75 years and Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) looks forward to its 50th anniversary in 2014 – Toyota remains as focused as ever on the same core values and principles that enabled it to become a respected and trusted brand.

“TCI, as with Toyota operations throughout the world, has benefited from TMC’s consistently disciplined approach to meet customer wants, its unwavering commitment to delivering quality vehicles that are durable and reliable, and the ability to always remain at the forefront of innovation,” commented Seiji Ichii, President and Chief Executive Officer of TCI. “As we look to the future, we will continue to leverage TMC’s approach and leadership so we can provide Canadians with ever-better cars.”

To commemorate the occasion of its anniversary, TMC has launched a special website that can be accessed at Under the banner of “75 years of Toyota: Ever-better Cars,” the site chronicles TMC through the decades. It includes everything from specific yearly milestones to the principles and philosophy that are at the core of Toyota’s long-term success.

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