Tall Pines Rally is not to be missed!

John Bondar

By John Bondar,
Special to Wheelstalk.com -

The final Rally event of the year takes place in Bancroft on November 24, 2012. The Rally of the Tall Pines (cool name eh?) features a huge field which is comprised of both regional and national competitors.

Planning for the Tall Pines started many months ago and involved officials from the Town of Bancroft, local police and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The result is a course that varies from about 400km for the regional competitors to about 500km for the national competitors. The course consists of 15 stages and provides competitors with a wide variety of challenges in both the daytime and night time.

At the end of a long season, the Tall Pines is probably the highlight of the year, and for spectators it offers the complete rally experience. Tall Pines provides a chance to experience a wide variety of cars in many different classes from the production class “stock” VW GTi to the open class WRX.

The rally course is designed with the spectator in mind, and there are special sections for spectators to view the action. There is also a service area which will give you a chance to meet the teams up close and see how they adjust their cars in between stages.

Rally racing is one of the most exciting forms of motorsport and Tall Pines will allow you to get up close and personal. You will get to see cars flying down country roads while getting air over the rough spots.

But I think that experience is further enhanced during the night stages, yes night. I remember watching a night stage and being amazed at the speed of the cars and I wondered at the skill to keep the cars on the road seeing how it started to snow.

The Rally of the Tall Pines is an event that is not to be missed. More information is available at www.tallpinesrally.com.

Yours in motorsports,
John Bondar

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