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Chris Mahony

By Chris Mahony,
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One of the challenges facing the RV industry is the number of misconceptions associated with the lifestyle. We were recently invited to the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) TestFest in Niagara on the Lake, where automotive journalists from across the country gather every year for a week of new vehicle evaluations. We had a number of conversations with engaged journalists, discussing some of those very misconceptions.

Go RVing Canada has been attending TestFest for the past five years, engaging journalists and educating them on the RV lifestyle. In the airport hangar, TestFest’s headquarters, Go RVing Canada had a booth where journalists and other industry professionals could stop by to discuss what makes RVing unique and desirable to so many.

Many new journalists who stopped by our booth were curious about RVing, but had very little knowledge of it. Go RVing Canada spent the week offering insight and dispelling the following common myths:

  • Gas prices are too high to drive an RV. The reality is when gas prices rise, they rise in all forms of travel. You’ll see that increase in your plane ticket, hotel stay and car rental cost. With RVing, you get to choose where you want to go. You can be flexible in your destination choices while managing your gas budget within that limit.
  • I am not a camper, I won’t enjoy it. We get it—camping is not for everyone but it’s important to remember that what makes RVing different is that you can bring all of the comforts of home along for the ride. Whether you are towing your pop up trailer or driving your Class A unit, the luxuries from home travel with you. You will be comfortable, warm and cozy the entire journey.
  • It must be so expensive. RV prices have remained stable amid economic uncertainty and a strong Canadian dollar. If you have never been RVing before, renting a unit is a great way to try before you buy. There are a variety of RVs out there for a variety of prices. Whatever type of RV vacation you are considering, talk to your local RV dealer. They may have great insight into which option makes the most sense for your family.

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Chris Mahony is the Go RVing Canada Executive Director.

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