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John Bondar

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Looking for that special gift for a racer? That’s easy, they probably want a way to be able to race as much as they can. That means money, and potentially a lot of money. If that is okay with you then give me a call, I want to start the 2013 season early.

Okay, back to earth. Racers always like to be at the races and there are several ticket packages available for some of the higher profile events in Canada. Some potential events include; the Victoria Day Weekend or NASCAR Camping World event at Canadian Tire Motorsport, Formula 1 in Montreal or Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres. Each event has a variety of packages available to fit any budget and can be purchased online on their respective websites.

Racers have a habit (not a good one) of keeping their personal safety equipment until it is beyond its use. That includes items such as balaclavas, socks and gloves. All three need to be updated regularly to ensure that they are safe. Check out CSC Racing in Newmarket or online at www.cscracing.com for a selection.

There are two series of books that are popular with drivers. Ross Bentley (a Canadian) has written a series of books known collectively as Speed Secrets. They include Ultimate Speed Secrets, Winning Autocross Techniques, Professional Race Driving Techniques, Speed Secrets II and Inner Speed Secrets. The books delve into the variety of techniques required to master the different tracks and corners that a racer may encounter on the track. Inner Speed Secrets addresses the mental side of the sport and how to get into the right “zone” before going on the track.

Carroll Smith wrote three books titled Prepare to Win, Tune to Win and Drive to Win. Each describes how to prepare and set up a car to go racing. They describe the process of going racing and how to manage car preparation and testing. They were written quite a while ago but are still relevant today.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Yours in motorsports,

John Bondar


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